Your in-house board house. Watch Video

Your in-house board house. Watch Video

Why waste time waiting for the mail?

Go from idea to prototype in minutes without sacrificing quality.


Build as Fast as You Think

With Othermill Pro, it’s easy to go from idea to PCB prototype in minutes. Build and test complete products in a single day instead of waiting on the board house.

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The Ultimate Power Tool

Introducing the Othermill Pro.

Bring fabrication back in-house and save time. Milling directly from your Gerber files, Othermill Pro effortlessly handles double-sided PCBs with 6 mil trace and space — no training required.

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"The Othermill has become an invaluable tool for early proof of concept development. We keep finding new ways to use it, from capacitive touch sliders, to mechanical leaf springs. It has more than paid for itself. "

– Chasen Peters
Engineer, MindTribe

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We’re thrilled to be partnering with Altium and CircuitMaker for the launch of the Othermill Pro. The CircuitMaker free EDA design tool is paired with a wealth of electronics designs to get you started.

Enter the CircuitMaker PCB Design Contest for a chance to win the first Othermill Pro that comes off the line — a $3,199 value!

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