Other Machine Co. Releases Windows Software Update for Milling Double-Sided PCBs with the Othermill

on Mar 31, 2016

Desktop CNC mill manufacturer Other Machine Co. (OMC) released Otherplan 0.26 for Windows, adding support for milling double-sided circuit boards with the Othermill using the Windows platform. Double-sided circuit boards allow electrical engineers and all PCB designers to create complex, sophisticated circuits that are typically difficult to fabricate in-house. Prototyping PCBs in-house speeds up iteration/design cycles, allowing people to develop better products, faster. Innovative companies such as Blackmagic Design, Adafruit Industries, and Mindtribe are saving time and money by using the Othermill to design their circuit boards and mechanical CNC parts.

“We’ve heard loud and clear that Windows users want to mill double-sided PCBs with the Othermill, and we’re excited to make it possible.,” notes OMC’s VP of Software, Ezra Spier. “Otherplan, along with the Othermill CNC machine, is the easiest way to prototype double-sided PCBs on your desktop,” he adds.

The free Otherplan Public Beta is available for both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and imports common circuit board design files such as EAGLE .brd and Gerber file formats. In addition to double-sided PCB fabrication, the Otherplan Public Beta also offers G-code file support. Otherplan’s 3D milling preview simulates your milling job, shows you the results before you even turn on your Othermill, and provides a time estimate so you know how long a milling job will take before you start.

Pricing and Availability

Otherplan is the free control software for the Othermill desktop CNC mill, which is available online for $2,199 and at select resellers. Download Otherplan for Windows 7+ or Mac OS X 10.8+ here.

About OMC

Other Machine Co. builds rapid prototyping tools for electrical and mechanical design engineers and educators that speed up their pace of innovation. Based in Berkeley, CA, OMC’s mission is to transform digital desktop manufacturing and make in-house prototyping accessible to all designers of mechanical parts and PCBs. OMC is at the forefront of the digital desktop manufacturing movement because the future is small-batch, ultra-customized, and on-demand.