Other Machine Co. Announces its First Commercial Product: the Othermill, a Computer-controlled 3D Milling Machine.

on Oct 15, 2014

San Francisco, CA. October 15th, 2014 – Other Machine Co. (www.othermachine.co), maker of desktop manufacturing machines and “what you see is what you make” (WYSIWYM) software applications, announces their first commercial product, the Othermill. Following the runaway success of their Kickstarter campaign a year ago, Other Machine Co. successfully completed shipment of 205 Kickstarter Othermills to backers last month.

“We are done with our Kickstarter shipments and going into production with the commercial version of the Othermill,” said Danielle Applestone PhD, CEO of Other Machine Co., “The Othermill is a premium tool for designers. It lets you use design files from software like Illustrator and cut 3D objects from the materials you love, like wood, metal, plastics, and even circuit boards.”

Product Design in a Fraction of The Time

Engineer Star Simpson, Lead Technology Strategist for San Francisco-based wearables startup, OnBeep, relies on her Othermill for producing same-day PCB prototypes and small-scale part manufacturing in-house. Simpson states, “With my Othermill, not only do I own the means for making circuit boards — powerful for any electronics engineer — I can also go from concept to prototype in mere hours.”

Limor Fried of Adafruit, the fastest growing privately-held manufacturing company in New York (#11 in the United States according to Inc. Magazine), weighed in on the way the Othermill has transformed their workflow and allowed her to educate her workforce: “This is the first high-precision PCB mill we’ve seen, with great software too!” She adds, “I can now make precision circuits and prototypes for manufacture without getting a vat of chemicals. It’s also allowed many Adafruit staffers to learn PCB design and manufacture because of the fast turnaround times and low barrier to entry.”

Manufacturing Tools for Everyone and a New Economy

From a DARPA grant, to crowdfunding through a successful Kickstarter campaign for the Othermill, OMC was built on the idea that everyone should have access to professional-quality, affordable manufacturing tools on their desktops. OMC products are not just for engineers: they are for people to use at home, school, and work. Perfect for electronics, crafts, and other projects, the Othermill cuts out 3D objects from durable materials such as wood, metal, and circuit boards. For circuit board makers, the Othermill cuts production time by providing rapid iteration and manufacturing capabilities on the desktop – all without having to learn new design tools.

“Putting the means of professional design and small-batch manufacturing in the hands of designers and local business owners paves the way for a new style of economy - one that is less about commodity and more about quality. We are incredibly excited about building tools for people who have the drive to start their own companies and provide high-quality, expertly crafted products to their customers. That’s definitely a world I want to live in,” asserts Applestone.

About Other Machine Co.

Other Machine Co. (OMC) is at the forefront of the digital desktop manufacturing movement, because the future is small-batch, ultra-customized, and on-demand. OMC transforms industrial tools into consumer products and aims to put them in every studio, business, and home. OMC has created an ecosystem of computer-controlled hardware, software, and community that enables everyday people to directly harness the power of modern manufacturing.