Other Machine Co. Releases Revolutionary “What You See is What You Make” Software with Kickstarter-born Othermill

on Mar 04, 2014

San Francisco, CA – March 4, 2014 – Other Machine Co. (OMC) today announced the opening of pre-sales for the Othermill. Crowdfunded through a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Othermill is a desktop computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine that can be used for intricate craft and design and is ideal for printing customized circuit boards. OMC also announced the first public release of Otherplan, the revolutionary “what you see is what you make” Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software for free download, as well the launch of OMC’s online store at http://store.othermachine.co.

The OMC experience is not just for engineers: it is for everyone. Perfect for electronics, crafts, and other projects, the Othermill cuts out 3D objects from durable materials such as wood, light metals, and circuit boards. For circuit board makers, the Othermill cuts production time by providing rapid iteration and small-batch manufacturing capabilities – all without having to learn new design tools.

OMC’s software, Otherplan, is ideal for people who are new to CNC, while still giving under-the-hood access to advanced users. Otherplan allows Mac OS X users to control CNC machines for the first time and can export industry-standard G-code for use in other software and equipment.

“The movement from mass production towards small-batch, ultra-customized, on-demand manufacturing is powerful,” said Danielle Applestone PhD, CEO of Other Machine Co., “the Othermill and Otherplan software allows people with a wide range of skills and interests to access industrial techniques for the first time.”

Researching and sourcing suitable tools and materials can be challenging – not all tools are created equal! With the launch today of OMC’s online store, Othermill users will have access to the best products available on the market, so they can get making quickly and seamlessly.

Pricing and Availibility

The Othermill is available for domestic pre-sales on OMC’s online store at http://store.othermachine.co, for a retail price of $2199. Otherplan is available as a free download from OMC’s website at othermachine.co.

Other Machine Co. is a San Francisco company building the tools to transform digital desktop manufacturing. OMC’s ecosystem of hardware, software, marketplace, and community drives the small-batch, on-demand manufacturing movement forward and enables everyday people to do more than they thought possible.