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Otherplan: Mission Control for the Othermill

Otherplan is a free desktop application that guides you through the process of using the Othermill. Otherplan is visual, easy-to-use, and works with many popular file formats. With a built-in tool library and optimized settings, it’s a snap to set up and get milling.

The fastest way to make perfect PCBs

Use your preferred PCB design software: Altium, EAGLE, KiCad, or any other application that exports Gerbers. Otherplan supports single- and double-sided boards with 6 mil trace-and-space on the Othermill Pro. Optimized feeds and speeds, engraving bit isolation milling, and detection of bridged traces reduce your iteration time.

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Works with 3D models using standard CAM

No matter your choice for 3D CAD, there’s an Othermill workflow for you. Otherplan has full support for Autodesk’s CAM suite (Fusion 360, Solidworks + HSMWorks, Inventor HSM), Vectric CAM software, and standard G-code. If you’re new to CAM, our guides can get you started.

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Frequent Updates

We release new versions of Otherplan every several weeks. We’re constantly adding new features, fixing bugs, and optimizing the milling experience. Check out our blog to see some of the recent updates we’ve made.

The Othermill Pro includes a one-year commercial subscription to Autodesk Fusion 360. Fusion 360 comes preinstalled with an Othermill post-processor, so all you need to do after setting up a CAM job is export your toolpaths, load them in Otherplan, and run your job. If you’re just getting started, check out our Fusion 360 + Othermill guide and downloadable Othermill Tool Library. Read more about our partnership here.

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