With Othermill Pro, it’s easy to go from idea to PCB prototype in minutes. Fabricate and test complete products in a single day. No more spending valuable design time waiting on the board house. Build as fast as you think.

Othermill Pro $3,199

Othermill Pro with Advanced Bundle $3,999

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Cutting Tools

From ⅛" flat end mills to engraving bits, we offer an assortment of the most common cutting tools for your Othermill. Not only are these tools used every day here at OMC, but we’ve put each of them through rigorous tests to ensure the highest quality at the best price.

Flat End Mill $14–$216

Ball End Mill $14–$180

Engraving Bit $20–$252

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There are many ways to attach your workpiece to the spoilboard or t-slot bed of the Othermill. Here are a few that we recommend.

Double-Sided Tape $4

High-Strength Double-Sided Tape $22

Precision Fixturing and Toe Clamp Set $149

Toe Clamp Set $59

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All of these materials are sized specifically for your Othermill and rigorously tested by our staff. We bring you the best we can find to save you time.

360 Brass $24–$28

6061 Aluminum Bar $5–$9

6061 Aluminum Sheets, 5-Pack $13–$18

Anodized Aluminum Dog Tags $1

Anodized Aluminum Luggage Tags $2

CR2032 Battery 5-Pack $4

CR2032 Battery Holder $1

Delrin, Black, 3-Pack $9–$23

Delrin, White, 3-Pack $9–$23

HDPE, 3-Pack $10–$12

High-Speed Machining Wax $25

Linoleum Blocks $1–$3

Machinable Foam $12

Machining Wax $9–$42

Polycarbonate, 3-Pack $10–$13

Printed Circuit Board Blanks $24–$32

Silicone Rubber $11

Stamp Pads $6

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Get a complete set of tools and materials to go along with your Othermill. Save more by buying in bulk. We’ve gathered our best-sellers into these bundles.

Prototyping Bundle $189

Prototyping Deluxe Bundle $299

The Works Bit Bundle $129

Electronics Bit Bundle $114

Electronics Bundle $139

Makerspace-in-a-Box Bundle $209

Makerspace-in-a-Box Deluxe Bundle $299

Makerspace-in-a-Box Materials Bundle $105

Modeling Bit Bundle $65

Modeling Bundle $105

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If you are building out your workspace or just looking to assemble a set to keep with your Othermill, consider these useful accessories. Make sure you have everything you need to get going.

Bit Box $19

Bit Fan $15

Brush $0.75

Digital Calipers $49

Fine-Tip Tweezers $3

High-Precision Collet Set $70–$159

Scouring Pads $4

Scraper $6

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Spare Parts

Need to replace a damaged or lost item? Sorry to hear that, but you’ve come to the right place. Let us know if you have any questions via support@othermachine.co.

Othermill Collet $17

Othermill Pulley Belt Set $3

Othermill Tool Kit $49

Othermill Windows $19

Othermill Wrenches $5

Rubber Feet $5

Spoilboard $33

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Looking for a ready-made project to do with your Othermill? Try one of our kits. We’ve assembled all of the items you need to get started.

Heat Sink Experiment Kit $229

Truss Experiment Kit $129

Otherduino Kit $29

Hello World Kit $13

Nerd Watch Kit $15

Blinky LED Snowflake Kit $15

Light-Up Necklace Kit $19

Chocolate Mold Kit $29

Printmaking Kit $39

Stamp Making Kit $15

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