Engraving Bit


Do you need even more detail in your designs? Want to carve letters or mill PCB traces even faster? These engraving V-bits are perfect for exceptionally fine detail work. Engraving bits can be used for PCBs, linotypes, roller mill stamps, and copper print plates. Both engraving bits can be used with a variety of materials: metals, plastic, wood, and rubber.

We recommend the 30° bit for milling PCB traces and the 80º bit for traditional engraving applications with other materials.

If you need PCB accuracy down to 6 mil trace-and-space, we recommend the High Precision 30° bit. This bit has a 0.003 in tip diameter, compared to the standard bit which has a 0.005 in tip diameter.

Special 10-pack discount: Buy 9 end mills get 1 free, plus a free Bit Box ($19 value).

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