Flat End Mill


Flat end mills are used for cutting 2D shapes like circuit boards, flat-sided 3D shapes, and for detail work. You can use these carbide end mills to cut a square edge into metal, wood, wax, and plastic.

For cutting PCBs, we recommend using a 1/32", 1/64", or 1/100" end mill. For through-hole and edge cutting, use a larger end mill like a 1/16".

Use the 1/8" end mill to resurface the aluminum bed on your Othermill if it becomes damaged during a project. We deliver your Othermill with a perfectly smooth aluminum bed, so you don’t need to resurface it before using your Othermill.

Special 10-pack discount: Buy 9 end mills get 1 free, plus a free Bit Box ($19 value).

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