Nerd Watch Kit


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Show your geek pride by rocking one of our most popular projects: the Nerd Watch! This kit includes all the parts you need to build your own watch that displays time in binary code on the Othermill. Then, when you’re done with the kit, you can take it a step further and design and mill your own custom enclosure.

Note: Watch straps not included. 


  • Printed circuit board blank, FR-1, double-sided (1)
  • Atmel ATtiny chip (1)
  • LED, surface-mount (2)
  • Resistor, 50-ohm, surface-mount (2)
  • Momentary button, square, surface-mount (1)
  • Battery, CR2032, 3V (1)
  • Battery holder, CR2032, surface-mount (1)
  • IC socket, 8-pin (1)

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