Please review the following precautions carefully! In short: Respect the machine. It doesn’t have a brain, so use yours.

Have a question?

If you have a question about the handling or operation of your Othermill, or about the material you’re using, please contact us.


Do not modify or repair your Othermill at your own risk. Doing so voids your warranty and may result in abnormal operation, which could cause injury to you or damage your machine.

Work Area Safety

  • Make sure to use your mill on a flat and stable surface.
  • Work in a clean and well-lit area.
  • Keep a vacuum nearby for chip cleanup.

Personal Safety

  • Do not allow children to operate without close adult supervision.
  • Do not leave the Othermill unattended while in use.
  • Prior to operation, make sure the collet and tool are secure, and remove the wrenches and other tools from inside the Othermill.
  • Do not use the Othermill if its safety windows are cracked.

Sharp Element
Do not touch the sharp ends of bits, even when the Othermill is not in operation, as they may cause injury.

Pinch Hazard
Do not touch or place hands near moving parts — such as the carriages, rails, frame, spindle, and pulleys — while the Othermill is in operation.

Rotating Parts
When using the Othermill, tie back long hair and avoid clothing or jewelry that may get caught.

Disconnect Main Plug from Outlet
Unplug and store the Othermill when not in use.

Electrical Safety

  • Make sure to turn off the Othermill before unplugging or plugging back in. Do not unplug by pulling on the power cord.
  • Do not use the Othermill if the power cord is damaged.
  • Do not abuse the power cord. Do not twist, bend, scrape, pull, pinch, or put a heavy object on it. Keep the cord away from heat, sharp edges, and oil.

Only use the power cord supplied with the Othermill. To do otherwise may result in electrocution or fire.

Connect an Earth Terminal to the Ground
Always plug the Othermill into a grounded outlet that matches the plug. Do not modify the power cord or plug in any way.

Do Not Spray with Liquid

  • Make sure the Othermill stays dry.
  • Do not use in rainy or wet conditions, and do not use cutting fluid, coolant, or liquid lubrication on the Othermill.

Machine & Tool Safety

  • As with any power tool, do not use the Othermill if you are tired, distracted, or otherwise impaired.
  • Do not operate the Othermill with damaged or dull bits.
  • Use the Othermill’s Emergency Stop button to immediately stop the machine when necessary.

Hot Surface: Do Not Touch
Do not touch moving parts after use. They may be hot.

Dust Inhalation & Explosion Hazard

  • Ensure that the Othermill is clear of debris before and after operation. Use a brush to clean metal debris, as vacuum-cleaning metal shavings could cause a fire in the vacuum cleaner.
  • A vacuum may be used to clean other material debris. Never clean the Othermill while in use.