Setting Up Your Material

Before milling a project, you need to tell Otherplan the size and position of the material you’ll be milling. This requires that you first measure the dimensions of your material. We recommend using a pair of digital calipers. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to set up your material in Otherplan. This guide shows you how to set up your material in Otherplan.

  1. Choose a material from the dropdown menu. If you’re milling PCBs, choose Single- or Double-Sided FR-1, otherwise choose Generic.

  2. Click the Size panel to expand it, then enter your material dimensions.

    Choose material, enter dimensions

  3. If the lower-left corner of your material is somewhere other than the lower-left corner of the spoilboard (uncommon), enter its position in the placement panel. Otherwise, leave it at 0 for x and y. If you have double-sided tape under your material, add 0.005-0.007" to the z placement (unless you measured the material with the tape on it).

    Enter the material placement

That’s it! You’re ready to import files and start milling.

This guide refers to Otherplan. Otherplan Classic instructions are available here.