BitBreaker Mode (Otherplan Classic)

This guide refers to Otherplan Classic, OMC’s legacy application for Mac OS X. The cross-platform version of Otherplan does not include BitBreaker mode; advanced options are shown to all users.

While Otherplan Classic has presets that set the machine up for commonly used combinations of materials and tools, it also has a feature that provides additional control for users: BitBreaker Mode.

BitBreaker Mode allows the user to adjust variables like speeds, feeds, trace cut depth, cutout placement, and other features of the imported file.

To activate BitBreaker Mode, open Preferences from the Otherplan Classic menu and check the BitBreaker Mode box.

Enabling BitBreaker mode in Otherplan CNC machine control software

Once BitBreaker mode is enabled, you’ll now see a button labeled “Advanced” in your plan file window. Click on this button to bring up the Settings dialog.

Advanced dialog for setting feeds and speeds in Otherplan CNC machine control software

BitBreaker gives the Othermill user access to a number of useful features. With great power, however, comes great responsibility. If you’re not yet comfortable using the mill in default mode, or if you’re not experienced with how speeds and feeds work, BitBreaker Mode might live up to its name and could break your bits.

Adjustable features in BitBreaker Mode are tailored to the file type.

For circuit board files, like .gbr or .brd (Gerber or Eagle), in addition to the speeds and feeds, there are options to change the trace depth and trace clearance.

For .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics) files, there are options to select where on the cut-out outline the tool will cut (inside, outside, or center) as well as the option to invert the image on the machining bed.

BitBreaker Mode will not change settings for G-code files. Any setting for speeds, feeds, plunge, etc., for G-code must be set in your CAM program. When you import G-code into Otherplan, you must set the tool that was used to program the G-code.

As always, if you have any questions about BitBreaker Mode or other aspects of the mill, send us an email at