Otherplan Classic: Introduction

What is Otherplan Classic?

Otherplan classic is the legacy Othermill control and CAM application for Mac OS X. Originally released in 2014, it was replaced by the cross-platform version of Otherplan in August 2016.

Because the cross-platform version of Otherplan does not yet contain all of the key features of Otherplan Classic, Otherplan Classic remains supported and available for download.

Download Otherplan Classic

Otherplan Classic is available for download here.

Otherplan Classic Status

Otherplan Classic will continue to be maintained until the cross-platform version of Otherplan includes CAM support for SVG files, saving and loading projects, custom tools, and custom feeds and speeds. While Otherplan Classic will be supported, all new features will be added to the cross-platform version of Otherplan.

Differences Between Otherplan and Otherplan Classic

The biggest difference is that Otherplan Classic is only supported on Mac OS X, while the cross-platform version of Otherplan is supported on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Otherplan Classic Otherplan
Runs on Mac OS X Yes, 10.8 and higher Yes, 10.9 and higher
Runs on Windows No Yes
Automatic tool location Yes Yes
Locate alignment bracket Yes Yes
Locate spoilboard Yes No
User Interface
3D Milling Preview PCB only PCB and G-code
Save and open .mill files Yes No
Milling time estimates No Yes
Collision Warnings Basic Comprehensive
Drag plans around with mouse Yes No
Update Notifications Yes Yes
Automatic updates Yes (OS X 10.10 and lower) No
Import EAGLE .brd files Yes Yes
Import Gerber files Yes Yes
Mill double-sided PCBs Yes Yes
Engraving Bit Isolation Milling No Yes
Unmillable Area Warnings No Yes
Optimized Speeds and Feeds for FR-1 No Yes
Import G-code files Yes Yes
Multiple tools in G-code files No Yes
Import .svg files Yes No
Material Library Yes No
Customizable Feeds and Speeds Yes No
Hardware Support
Kickstarter Othermill Yes Yes
V2 Othermill Yes Yes
Othermill Pro Limited Yes
BitBreaker Mode Yes No
Facing Plan Yes No

If you have any questions about Otherplan Classic, please contact us at support@othermachine.co.