Locating the Spoilboard (Otherplan Classic)

This guide refers to Otherplan Classic, OMC’s legacy application for Mac OS X. The cross-platform version of Otherplan does not support spoilboard location; for precise positioning use the alignment bracket or Precision Fixturing and Toe Clamp Set.

A neat feature of the Othermill is the spoilboard, a machining surface that can be removed and replaced depending on what you’re machining and how you’re machining it. This guide provides information about locating the spoilboard on Otherplan Classic.


The spoilboard has threaded holes on the front edge to hold the alignment jig and four screws that hold it in place agaist the T-slot bed.

Once you have connected and powered on your Othermill for the first time, the software might ask you to locate your spoilboard. Simply click the Locate Spoilboard button on the dialog box, and the software will guide you through the process.

How to re-locate a spoilboard after you’ve put it back on the bed

  • Connect and power on your machine.
  • Click the Setup Fixturing button. The Setup Fixturing box will appear and give you the choice of clicking a radio button to select either the bracket or the spoilboard.
  • Select the Spoilboard button, click Locate, and follow the instructions in the dialog box. TslotScreenShot