For DipTrace users who want to mill their circuit board designs on the Othermill, here are instructions to generate Gerber files that can be imported into Otherplan.

What is DipTrace?

DipTrace is a commercial program for designing circuit boards. It runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Where do I get DipTrace?

You can download DipTrace here.

Where can I find documentation about DipTrace?

You can find DipTrace’s tutorials here.

How do I get my board from DipTrace into Otherplan?

  • In the PCB Layout Editor, click File > Export > Gerber…
  • Click the Files… button.
  • In the Gerber Files window that appears, configure the default filenames and export options as shown in the following image. This will result in Gerbers that follow Otherplan’s standard filename conventions. DipTrace-GerberConfig

  • Click OK

  • In the Units section, select Metric. (See screenshot) Diptrace-ExportGerber

  • Click Export All, select a folder, then click Save until all files are saved.

  • Click Close.

If you have drills/holes in your board:

  • First make sure you’re not using slotted or oval holes, as Otherplan doesn’t support the G85 command which is used to make them. If you need a slot, make a row of overlapping holes that are a few thousandths of an inch larger than the tool and overlap by about half their diameter (i.e. for a 1/32" (0.031") tool, make a row of 0.033" holes, with centers spaced 0.016" apart).
  • In the PCB Layout Editor, click File > Export > N/C Drill…
  • Click the Auto button to assign tools numbers to the hole sizes.
  • Click Export All
  • Save the file into the same folder as the Gerber files.

Import your Gerber files into Otherplan

  1. In Otherplan, click the Open Files button.
  2. Navigate to the directory that contains your Gerber files.
  3. Open the Gerber file containing the Top layer. If you followed the instructions above, this file will end in the .gtl extension.
  4. In the resulting dialog, select the correct files for the Bottom (if you’re milling a double-sided board; should end in .gbl), Outline (ends in .gko), and Holes (ends in .drl). See the screenshot below for an example.
  5. Click Okay to finish opening the files.

Diptrace-Otherplan-Import Import dialog with all files selected.