How to Ship an Othermill

When shipping an Othermill, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure it arrives at its destination safely.

Note: If you’re shipping an Othermill to OMC for repair, please ship the Othermill only. Please do not ship windows, cables, wrenches, or tools. Additionally, please remove the collet and collet nut as well as the alignment bracket.

For shipping purposes, the Othermill Pro and V2 Othermill boxes are 16 in x 16 in x 18 in with a packed weight of 25 pounds.

Before disconnecting the Othermill from your computer to pack it up, use the arrow buttons in Otherplan to move the carriages into packing position (make sure to remove the tool first):

  • Move the X-carriage all the way to the right
  • Move the Y-carriage all the way forward
  • Move the Z-carriage all the way down
  • Turn off the machine and push the carriages the last little bit until they can’t move any further

Follow these steps to prepare and pack the Othermill for shipping:

  1. Ensure that the Othermill is clean and free of all tools, accessories, and debris. Accessories can be safely shipped in the Accessory Kit box.

  2. Remove the collet and collet nut.


  3. If shipping with the Othermill’s windows in place, tape the bottom of each window to the frame to ensure they don’t fall out during shipping. If possible, use removable cellophane or masking tape.

  4. Press in the Emergency-Stop button.


  5. Secure the x, y, and z carriages with the carriage locks included with the Othermill.

    Carriage Locks

    If you don’t have the carriage locks, you can cut pieces of cardboard and insert them in the positions you see here. Carriage locks are critical in keeping the Othermill safe during shipping.

    Y Carriage lock X Carriage Lock Z Carriage Locks

  6. Orient the Othermill box with its handles to the sides. Place the bottom foam insert into the box with the large Othermill cutout facing up. The cutout for the Othermill’s y motor should be on the backside of the box, and the cutout for the the Emergency-Stop button should be on the front right. (Note: The top and bottom foam inserts look very similar. If the motor and Emergency-Stop cutouts are incorrectly oriented, you may need to swap the inserts.)

    Bottom Foam 2

  7. Place the Othermill in the box, facing forward. It should easily slide into the foam insert.

    Mill in box

  8. Place the second foam insert on top of the Othermill, with the four squares facing up.

    Top foam

  9. Place the cardboard tray on top of the Othermill and foam. Top tray in

  10. Place the Accessory Kit and Power Supply boxes in the tray. Even if empty, these boxes must be in place to keep the Othermill from shaking around inside the box. Boxes in top tray

  11. Securely tape the box with plastic or kraft shipping tape. Do not use duct or masking tape.